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By Sharon van der Werf

Today Coone launches his long-awaited new album, A New Decade. The album is the product of a writing camp during which Coone stayed in a holiday home in Belgium for three days, accompanied by several well-known singer/songwriters from the hardstyle scene. After just one day, according to the Flemish DJ, so many impressive demos had already been made that it was decided to put together an album with all the songs that were created during the weekend. “Like it or not… you won’t get rid of Coone for the next 10 years!”

For Coone’s first release we have to go back to 2002. “Last year was my twentieth birthday as Coone,” says the hardstyle DJ. But instead of celebrating this milestone, he prefers to look ahead. That’s where his new album, A New Decade, comes into play. “I feel that I can add at least another 10 years. Creatively, I am better in the game than ever. You can clearly hear that on the album.”

Coone looks forward and back with A New Decade

What is striking about A New Decade is that the album is quite varied. It contains hardstyle tracks with a core sound, but also energetic festival bangers such as ‘Bring The Fire‘ or ‘Chaos & Crime‘. In addition, Coone looks back to his roots with some tracks. “These are the tracks with old school, jump and hardcore influences. Three good examples of this are ‘Needle On The Record’, ‘This Deejay’ with TNT and ‘Hyena’.”

coone a new decade album header

In addition to a number of solo tracks, the album is also packed with collabs with Rooler, Da Tweekaz and Wildstylez, among others. That process was very natural, says Coone. “When we wrote the vocals for ‘Pray 4 Party’, I immediately heard the party spirit of Da Tweekaz. With Wildstylez we took a different approach. We really looked at what are your strongest producer elements? What are mine? If you listen to ‘Run For Cover’ now, you will hear the mix of both signature sounds perfectly, I think. And yet that record is now 100% correct, I think that’s so cool!”

Another example is the track with Rooler, where jumpstyle is central. “He also used to be a jumpstyle artist, so who better to make a remake of my old record ‘The Return’ with? It just all fits.” With the tracks on the album, Coone hopes that people will hear and feel that many tracks were written spontaneously. “That often feels more ‘legit’ than from an existing topline or sample.”

“I sincerely hope that people like this album as much as I do”

With A New Decade, Coone explores which sound will appeal to him most in the near future. “I want to respond more to that, because only then can you continue to make music from your feelings. I sincerely hope that people like this album as much as I do. All upcoming shows will certainly contain a lot of these party bangers.”

Coone has no rest planned after the release of A New Decade. He shares a big scoop with Hard News: “In the group app of The Elite we are also sending a lot of demo ideas to each other, so we are also going to continue with this project.” We can also expect a new update soon from The Elite, consisting of Coone, Da Tweekaz and Hard Driver.

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