Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

At the previous edition of DOOM, a group of hooligans destroyed equipment with a value of 80,000 euros. Now, a crowdfunding action has been started in order to collect money for the organisation of the event.

DOOM – The Realm of Darkness was an event with many great artists like Rebelion, Delete and Malice. Everything went fine until a group of hooligans began to demolish equipment with a fire extinguisher. The damage was around 80,000 euros and the organization has to pay all of this. However, a crowdfunding action was started so DOOM doesn’t have to pay the whole sum. Many fans are donating money to support the organization of this event.

DOOM doesn’t give up, and the next edition will take place on the 20th of April. This time the event is moving to Willemeen: “We are taking 4 of our very best along to Willemeen.” Here you’ll find a full Gearbox line-up with Malice, Thyron, Physika and Sins of Insanity. All the artists will play a bit longer than they normally do, since every set will be 75 minutes.

DOOM goes for a full Gearbox line-up for the next edition

DOOM – Willemeen will take place on the 20th of April from 21:30 until 03:00. The timetable of the event is not revealed yet, but will be very soon. For more information and tickets you can go to the official Facebook event.

Photo by Facebook DOOM Events

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