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By Hard News

Last weekend, Crypsis’ Instagram account was hacked by a collective that’s called the Raizy Hack Team. The collective has changed the name, password and description of the DJ and has gone live with the account several times.¬†

The Raizy Hack Team only exists for one week now, and has hacked another big account besides Crypsis: the account from Alyssa Webster. Alyssa has over 200.000 followers as she is known from an American tv-show. All of her pictures have been deleted in the meantime and the number of photos from Crypsis is unfortunately also¬†descending. Furthermore, the collective has posted Turkish trap music on Alyssa’s account, which makes the motive of the group unclear.

Instagram account hacked by a collective

Via his Facebook-page, Crypsis announced he is trying to solve the problem. If you want to know more: Instagram provides information about what you can do if you are hacked and how you can prevent this. We hope Crypsis succeeds in getting his account back.

Footage via Facebook-page Crypsis

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