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A while ago Crypsis revealed his plans for a brand-new album this year on Facebook. After his previous albums ‘Statement of Intent’ in 2009 and ‘Cryptology’ in 2012 the bar has been set pretty high. The news doesn’t come at a total shock, because things have been rather quiet around Crypsis lately. Besides a ‘Remix EP’ he didn’t release a lot of solo-tracks, so this news reaches us at the right moment.

Obviously, the new Crypsis album will be released on Minus is More, which has been Crypsis‘ label from the start. In a recent interview with DJ Mag the man from Denekamp revealed that his album will be released this September. But that’s not the only thing that he announced, because he also revealed that Supremacy 2016 will be the event where he has planned to release it!

“The album will arrive in September and will be released during Supremacy. We chose this event, because the atmosphere is just extreme. Art of Dance really turns it into something big every time. If you could just see how the people go crazy than you’d know why this is the perfect event to release my album.”

supremacy 2016 crypsisSpoken by Crypsis himself during an interview with DJ Mag. During the first edition of Supremacy in 2014 the album of Minus Militia‘The Legion of Strength’, got released and the year after Warface released his album ‘The Nine Circles’. Not much more is known about the album, so keep an eye on our website for more.

Source: DJMag.nl

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