Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

Matt Radley, also known as Crystal Mad, is the new reinforcement of Nightbreed Records. The English based dj/producer began to develop his career in 2008 and is now reaping the rewards of his development.

Matt started his Hardstyle life by visiting Hardstyle parties and festivals to see his heroes in full action. He travelled many times between the UK and The Netherlands to visit as many parties as he could. During his musical travels, Matt found inspiration to produce his own music. He envisioned himself gifting the crowd with his music and to perform on stage.

Matt had saved enough money with working and could finally buy his own pair of decks in 2008. At first the decks were for his dj career, but as time moved on he began getting interested in producing Hardstyle. After he locked himself up in his studio for days and nights, he finally found his own unique sound. Crystal Mad was born.

Now begins a new chapter for Crystal Mad as he has joins Nightbreed Records.

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