Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Seraja, also Cyber, closed 2016 with a performance at Freaqshow. A year in which he re-discovered himself and in which he went to more than 12 countries. Seraja also decided to quite performing as Primefire to focus on the productions and to fortify the raw-act. Next to that, he was also responsible for the anthem of Freaqshow, called ‘Freak out’.

The Swiss posted a ”photo” on Snapchat whereby he said that he will move to the Netherlands this year. Artists such as Delete & Code Black also moved to the capital of the harder styles before. Obviously, Cyber is going to build his new studio here. He likewise has really cool bookings and collabs planned for the upcoming year.


  • Bram Veenstra 09 February 2017 - 11:39



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