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By Wouter de Vink

None other than D-Sturb is responsible for the Decibel outdoor anthem this year, which is finally allowed to take place again after 3 years. ‘Break Free’ already takes you to this gigantic weekend with more than 300 artists and 3 full festival days: “LIVE LOUD!”

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D-Sturb has built up quite a reputation when it comes to anthems and this is evident in ‘Break Free’ – the Decibel outdoor anthem that got released today. The Loudest City On Earth has never been so huge: this year is even bigger than ever. This is also what D-Sturb said in the LIVE LOUD podcast yesterday, who has been added to an impressive list of anthem creators.

Decibel anthems throughout the years

2022: D-Sturb & ATILAX – Break Free
2020: Frequencerz & Rejecta – STAY LOUD (Tribute)
2019: Atmozfears & LXCPR – Live Loud
2018: Brennan Heart – Fuelled by Fanatics
2016: Ran-D ft. LXCPR – United
2015: Hard Driver – Shifting Gears
2014: Psyko Punkz – Back again
2013: Alpha² & Noisecontrollers – Craving for the beat
2012: Zatox – D.E.C.I.B.E.L.
2011: Zany & Max Enforcer ft. MC DV8 – Sound Intense City
2010: Noisecontrollers – Summer in the City
2009: Brennan Heart – City of Intensity
2008: The Beholder & Zany – Bleeding For The Harder Styles
2007: Deepack & Charly Lownoise ft. MC Villain – Can’t Hold Us Down
2006: Southstylers – Decibel Anthem 2006
2005: The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer – Nuclear Reaction
2004: The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer – Bigger Better Louder
2003: The Beholder & Balistic ft. Max Enforcer – Decibel 2003
2002: The Beholder & Balistic – Decibel Anthem

“An anthem always needs to sound huge in my opinion”, says D-Sturb about the track in collaboration with vocalist ATILAX (known for ‘Hurricane’ with Ran-D and ‘Man Of The Hour’ with Radical Redemption). On the Saturday of the festival, the anthem makers will hit that massive mainstage together for their Decibel track. And that’s not it, because D-Sturb has something new planned for the 2-hour set with Vertile on the new Battle-stage during SAVAGE SUNDAY: “We’re coming with a collab together.”

The music video has just been released and it shows the Decibel anthem at a glance. D-Sturb is trapped inside a box, from which he tries to escape. “The breathing at the beginning symbolises being trapped. The heartbeat goes increasingly faster. Those kinds of elements reinforce the concept of the ‘Break Free’ anthem.” Check out the anthem including videoclip below!

‘A Decibel weekend has never been so extensive’

Decibel outdoor will take place from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 August 2022 on perhaps the most beautiful terrain within the harder styles: the Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. For tickets and more information, visit the festival’s official website.

Cover photo via Facebook page Decibel Outdoor

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