Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

D-Sturb posted a picture of himself with a new piece of artwork on his social media, with the caption: ”THE NEXT LEVEL”. What this means is not exactly clear yet, but we do know when we’ll get to see the first level.

Supremacy announced the timetable of the raw hardstyle event yesterday, for which D-Sturb also created the 2018 anthem. In the timetable, D-Sturb also seems to perform with a special live-set which he calls ‘Level 1: The Dream’. The whole timetable can be found via this link.

The Next Level

We will have to see whether ‘The Next Level’ means a new track, a live-set concept or an entire new album. To stay updated, you can keep an eye on D-Sturb his Instagram. You can also join his live-set on the 29th of September during Supremacy.


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Footage via Facebook-page D-Sturb

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