Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

It has just been announced none other than D-Sturb is responsible for the REBiRTH Festival 2020 anthem. Together with thousands of music lovers he will officially open the festival season at the Raamse Akkers! 

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D-Sturb & REBiRTH Festival announced this via all their socials today, together with a very small sneak peek of the brand new anthem. With predecessors like Adaro’s ‘I’m Alive’, B-Freqz’ ‘Rebirth‘ and NSCLT’s ‘REBORN’ now also D-Sturb will be added to the REBiRTH repertoire, which of course promises grand things.

REBiRTH Festival is known for being the kick-off of the festival season, the place where also this year thousands of hardstyle lovers will unite on the ‘Island of Infinity’: 150 acts and over 30 exclusive acts divided over 11 stages and 3 full festival days, during which you can live the ultimate weekend experience at the bigger than ever REBiRTH Residence Camping. Have a look at the full line-up right here.

“Join us to celebrate the ultimate weekend kick-off of your festival season!”

REBiRTH Festival 2020 – Island of Infinity will take place on the 10th, 11th and 12th of April at the Raamse Akkers in Haaren. Tickets for this kick-off and the REBiRTH Residence Camping are now available via the official website of the festival, and head over to the REBiRTH Residence website for more info about the accommodations.

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