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Last weekend, D-Sturb has completed the sixth and final level of his live-act ‘The Next Level’. Five remixes and one brand new track have been created for these special performances – and all of these productions will be released this month, including ‘The Ultimate’.

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For his live-act ‘The Next Level, D-Sturb went on different musical challenges where every exercise represented a certain level. In the meantime, the DJ has completed all these levels and because of this he ended the game successfully.

  1. The Dream: “Create a track that spotlights the origins of your inspiration” – Supremacy
  2. The Beginning: “Create a track that symbolizes the beginning of your journey “ – Shockerz
  3. The Breakthrough: “Create a track that captures the essence of your breakthrough ” – Reverze
  4. The Identity: “Create a track that resonates with your deepest being” – Midnight Mafia
  5. The Darkness: “Create a track that represents your inner darkness” – WiSH Outdoor Mexico
  6. The Ultimate: “Create a track that surpasses the rest” – Intents Festival


The Next Level EP is out now and ‘The Ultimate’ will follow soon

D-Sturb made remixes for the first five challenges and now he has released all these productions on an EP: The Next Level. “You asked for it, and now you got it. The EP is available on all mayor streaming and download portals”, said the DJ to his fans. Check the full tracklist of his new production below.

The track D-Sturb made for level 06 ‘The Ultimate’, also known as the production that had to surpass the others, is not on this EP. But don’t be dissapointed, since ‘The Ultimate’ will get its own release soon: “For those who are curious, my Level 6 track with Emese will be released on the 17th of June on End of Line Recordings”, according to D-Sturb.

D-Sturb comes with EP ‘The Next Level’ and last track ‘The Ultimate’

The raw hardstyle DJ has just released his EP The Next Level and his last track ‘The Ultimate’ is also coming soon. To keep updated about his productions, go to the Facebook page of D-Sturb.

Photo by Facebook page D-Sturb

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