Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

‘The Queen of raw’ is having a very busy year so far. In a previous article of ours we wrote about the new live-act from Deetox, which she will premiere at QAPITAL, called ‘Bring The Riot’. Deetox has also been working on several collabs, like the ones with Cyber and Sound Rush, two combinations you wouldn’t really expect in the first place. Today, another surprising news fact came out on Deetox her Facebook page, because she is working on a collab with non other than hardcore DJ AniMe.

Breaking Boundaries’, that’s how Deetox describes her collab with AniMe. On Facebook she mentioned that the collab is all about her new live-act ‘Bring The Riot’. One thing is certain, Deetox is doing everything in her power to make sure the premiere of her live-act at QAPITAL is going to be a memorable one.

Deetox definitely picked the right hardcore DJ to do a collab with. AniMe is an established name in the hardcore scene and had a great year in 2016 and had a great start of 2017. Last year she released an album called ‘Exterminate’ on Dogfight Records, the label of DJ Mad Dog, and this year she had the honour of producing the anthem of Exodus, one of the biggest hardcore events in Germany, called ‘Superior Hardcore’ ft. MC Nolz.

Photo: Deetox

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