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Ever since 2015 Defqon.1 has reserved a special act during The Closing Ceremony on the mainstage on Sunday. The first time the Legends set consisted of Noisecontrollers, Wildstylez and Isaac. This turned out to be such a big success, that Q-dance stepped it up a notch the year after with The Prophet, Technoboy and Heady Heady Headhunterz.

This surprise will remain imprinted in the minds of many hardstyle fans for a very long time. Apparently Q-dance can’t seem to get enough of it, because this year Defqon.1 Legends will consist of not one, but three hours! Three hours of classic legends on the Sunday mainstage of Defqon.1. As it is Defqon.1’s 15th birthday this year (that’s right, 15 years already), they will call it ’15 Years Defqon.1 Legends’. Who will rise to the stage?

The above trailer was suddenly uploaded by Q-dance. The hype became real in an instant, because the trailer shows the text ‘All legends’. This instantly reminds us of the X-Qlusive Legends edition back in 2014, which consisted of names like Headhunterz, Dana, Technoboy, The Prophet, Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers and Luna. Almost every name on the line-up was responsible for one or more of the Defqon.1 anthems throughout the years.

As soon as the trailer showed the text ’15 Years Defqon.1 Legends’ a lot of images flashed through the screen, showing a lot of artists. The artists portrayed are The Prophet, Technoboy, Ran-D, Headhunterz, Bass Modulators, Noisecontrollers, Coone, Luna and Wildstylez among others. All legends and all creators of one or more Defqon.1 anthems.

Does this confirm that these names are part of Defqon.1 Legends? No! Q-dance has once again created a speculative trailer, but I’m afraid we’re gonna have to wait until Sunday June 25 to find out which artists will fill the three hours of Defqon.1 Legends 2017.

Photo: Q-dance.com

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