Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Ryan Biggs, or Delete, recently posted a long and personal message on his official fanpage on Facebook. He told us his plans for the upcoming year and what he is planning to do with the material of his famous live-act called Delete VIP. The act started in 2016 during Supremacy in Den Bosch. The new live-act became very famous in a short amount of time partly thanks to the loyal fanbase of the Australian.

Delete Fanpage
Firstly, he want to contribute himself to the fanpage and the community and he might wanna do another interview. Next to that, he is planning to use channels like Snapchat and Instagram more often. Ryan noticed that he isn’t very active on those channels and that he wants to get more in contact with his fans by getting more active.

He already started his year very well, because he stopped drinking. By doing this, he noticed that he is getting healthier and happier. This has a huge and positive influence on his motivation and creativity.

Delete states that 2017 will be his best year until now. He also aims for a couple of collabs, but he can’t announce them yet. One of the collabs is outside the Hardstyle. However, in contrary to last year, he wants to put the emphasis on his solo productions in the upcoming year.

VIP Edits
Finally, he wants to share his VIP edits with the community, but will keep them exclusive for a brief time. He states: ”I have over 30 of them and as that number grows, I will have to do something with them! But the idea is to keep them evolving and constantly update them which also makes it hard to share as that ruins the beauty of what the act is about.”

All in all he wants this year to be the best year so far. We are very curious what he will bring this year and we wish him the best of luck.
”Together, let’s make 2017 unforgettable!” – Ryan Biggs

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