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By Mark de Rond

From now on we can listen to the debut album Alpha Omega of Delete. Fans of the Australian dj were really looking forward to this, and now the wait is finally over. 

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The release of his debut album didn’t always go smooth for Delete. At the 27th of September Delete told his fans that he had to postpone the release of his album due health issues. Earlier he gave a showcase of his brand new album at Fanaticz on the 13th of October. Now the wait is finally over, we can enjoy the brand new album Alpha Omega of the Aussie.

Tracklist Alpha Omega


  1. The Beginning (Intro)
  2. Victorious
  3. Order & Chaos
  4. Virtue
  5. Don’t Hold Back (ft. MC Livid)
  6. Back In The Days
  7. Execution
  8. Louder
  9. Lunatic
  10. Relentless
  11. Payback (ft. Tha Watcher)



  1. Do Ya Like Bass? (& Artifact)
  2. Shitty Music (& Regain)
  3. Crime, Violence & Power  (& Luminite)
  4. Sucka For Pain (& Outbreak) (Sub Sonik remix)
  5. Locked Up (& E-Force)
  6. Disco Weapon (& Killshot)
  7. Pulse (Mind Dimension & The Purge remix)
  8. Extraterrestrial (& Hardstyle Mafia)
  9. Proximity To Extinction (Vazard remix)
  10. Annihilate (& Rooler)
  11. Syndrome (Chris One remix)
  12. Break (& Rebelion)
  13. Game Over (& Warface)
  14. Watching You (& The Outside Agency


Delete releases Alpha Omega 

Delete’s debut album is now out on all platforms and up for streaming. The hard copy sales of the album are totally sold out. Click here to stream the album Alpha Omega of Delete on Spotify.

Photo by Facebook page Shockerz

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