Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Raw hardstyle DJs Delete and Rooler are working on a new track together. When asked about the collab on his Instagram, Rooler responded: It’s happening. And I can tell, it’s definitely a banger“

This will be the first time the two men are releasing a track together. Even though Delete is busy with his new album Alpha Omega, which he will be showcasing the 13th of October, the DJ does not seem to be done yet. Rooler is also working hard: last week he finished another collab with Dr Phunk, and he got to close the Evolution Stage at Q-BASE.

Delete & Rooler – TBA

When the track will be released and how the banger is called, is not known yet. For more information you can keep an eye on the social media of the producers. To get excited for the collab, you can find the latest release from Rooler at the bottom of the article: ‘YES!’

Footage via Facebook-page Delete & Twitter Rooler

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