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Everyone who has a warm heart for events is completely cheered up again: the events are back. This also applies to Delius, a starting artist who started his career when corona broke out. We spoke to the hardstyle DJ about his remarkable start as an artist and his new track ‘So High’, which was released this week on Rough Recruits, a closing of this event-free period: “We can finally party again!”

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It is difficult sometimes for talents to break through; a global pandemic without events does not make this any easier. The 28-year-old Quinten had been working on his career as Delius for almost 5 years and had just got his first bookings at Intents Festival, Decibel outdoor and EPIQ. When he got the chance to release his debut track on Roughstate’s sub-label in January 2020, he couldn’t believe his luck. “It really felt like the beginning of a new phase, so I decided to put even more time into producing/playing”, the hardstyle DJ recalls.

Starting as a DJ in a time without events: now it’s finally time

This ‘new phase’ didn’t take too long: less than two months later, the pandemic blocked the kick-start of his career, resulting in many lockdowns. Despite this, his goal is still crystal clear – it always has been since his first visit to Q-BASE in 2012: “I enjoyed it so much as a visitor that I want to do this myself at a big event ever since.”

Delius saw that the world was closing and so he was forced to change his plans. “Even though it was a setback (because I was hoping it would ‘really kick-off’ back then), I kept going and released several tracks at Roughstate Recruits.” This was the start of the lockdown plan: working hard when it’s quiet, and go harder when everything is possible again.


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Delius as part of Rough Recruits: ‘Hardstyle has become a passion’

As a talent it is important to build a name, but without events you simply cannot show yourself behind the turntables. So it was mostly online – no parties with an audience. But by continuing to produce and release, Delius was still able to develop himself. “In the end, this also led to me playing with the guys from Frequencerz during Defqon.1 at Home in 2021.” In fact, the collaboration became even more intensive.

It was a period with few events (feel free to say ‘nothing at all’ except for a hand full of bookings) with little certainty for the events industry. However, Delius went full for the next step. “In the building where Niels and Pepijn (Frequencerz) are located, I was given the opportunity to rent a professional studio and so I did.” The result: a lot of new music, of which ‘So High’ was released earlier this week.

“Being involved full-time is of course the ultimate dream”

The new Delius track is one that will make you want to blast across the dance floor of a festival again. “The approach of this record is that I really wanted to go for a dreamy atmosphere. Together with the female vocal in it, it suited my idea very well. I wanted to combine it with an energetic melody so that there is drive in the record.” The result below remarks the sounds of Delius: “Accessible, but sometimes a bit harder and rawer.”

The festival world is opening up again and two years after the start of his career, Delius can now really continue to perform at events. “I think the steps I’ve made in recent years have laid a good foundation. I don’t think this is just for myself, but also the other guys from Rough Recruits.” The livestreams were not only  a lot of fun, but also contributed to the coming months.

When we ask how Delius received this week’s coverage, we hear a very happy DJ who can’t wait to play his music for an audience. “The best news in a very long time! Of course super happy that we can do what we love again, so I can start performing at bookings again and hopefully the agenda can be filled with great events. At the moment I’m already busy in the studio with the preparations for the festival season, so keep your eyes and ears open.”

‘So High’ by Delius is now available at the well-known channels of Roughstate. Check Delius on Instagram to keep up with his career (and the events to come).

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