Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

It’s no secret that Supremacy often has the scoop for brand new live-acts. In the dark, raw atmosphere of the first major indoor party of the year, Deluzion’s live act Paranoid came to life last Saturday, surprising the audience with a state of total paranoia.

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We can say that the duo behind Deluzion, Bart van den Hanenberg and Max Lenssen, have made quite a lot of progress in the harder styles over the past year. Last year, they performed for the first time at Supremacy with an amazing live-set. They also played at big events and festivals like Masters of Hardcore, Defqon.1’s almighty BLUE and Decibel Outdoor this summer. Last Saturday, it was time for the next big step in their career: the premiere of their first live set Paranoid at Supremacy.

“Embrace the void, paranoid!”

“Please be aware, the voice in your head is a threat. With every sound you hear and every move you see, you realize it’s not real. Or is it? Embrace the void, this is paranoid.” The guys from Deluzion kick off their set with those trippy vocals, and the first song immediately hits the spot. “Jeeeeesus,” I hear some say next to me, “what a track!” The tone has been set. The duo, dressed in a brand new red Paranoid hoodie, is ready to show what they’re made of at Supremacy.

The visuals, which become more intense during the live-act, add a lot to the atmosphere in the Brabanthallen. Red, blue and white lasers alternate rapidly. Especially during the theme track ‘Paranoid’, everything is pulled out. Fireworks, flames, smoke… Not only are a lot of new songs being played, such as the brand new Minus is More group record, but also some older Deluzion songs such as ‘Showtime’ and ‘Blast in Your Face‘ with Tha Watcher got a hard Paranoid-edit.

Deluzion Supremacy 2023 Paranoid

One of the highlights of the set is the song ‘Innovate’, a collaboration between Deluzion and Thyron that has only been out for a few days. A boy in front of me already knows how to kick roll the entire song flawlessly. “I’ve listened to this track so many times in the past two days,” he says proudly.

When you look around the room, you notice that the men of Deluzion have created something special. The countless bass faces in the room say it all, and the reactions are positive. Not only during the set itself, but also online afterwards. We read, among other things: “Deluzion had by far the best set of the evening”, “What a set!” and “Holy shit, Deluzion best set of Supremacy” on Facebook.


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Deluzion Supremacy 2023 Paranoid

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