Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

This year, Devin Wild is responsible for the anthem of Belgium’s biggest harder styles festival and last week, he played this track already. In the past, the hardstyle DJ has also made anthems for other big festivals, even at the age of seventeen.

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Devin Wild¬†posted video’s of his set at Emporium in his Instagram story, in which ‘The Qontinent’ and ‘Island of Intensity’ could be heard. The name of the festival and the theme of this edition, so this confirms he is responsible for the anthem. He’s also one of the headliners and will perform on Saturday at the mainstage of the Belgian event.

The hardstyle DJ has despite his young age, already much experience with producing anthems. He did this also for festivals like Emporium, WiSH Outdoor and Dreamfields – for the last of those three events Devin Wild already got the honor to make the anthem at the age of seventeen.

The Qontinent 2019 anthem is produced by Devin Wild

The festival will take place in the weekend of the 10th of August in Wachtebeke, Belgium. So it can’t take very long anymore before The Qontinent will come with more news about the anthem. To stay up to date about this track, go the Facebook page of the event.

Photo by Facebook page The Qontinent

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