Sharon van der Werf
By Sharon van der Werf

The debut of Cyber Punk, Digital Punk’s most recent live act, was a great success last festival summer during Decibel outdoor and several performances abroad. We delve into the depths of this project, described by the raw hardstyle DJ as the brainchild of Digital Punk – what else awaits discovery? “The live act is more than just music. It is a total experience.

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“I have had this concept in my head for a number of years,” says the Dutch DJ. “It has been thought out down to the smallest detail. Time and again I brought up the idea and took my time and then let it sink in.” Only when he was completely convinced that everything was perfect, from the concept and theme to the suit design, did he actually want to bring the project to life.

Cyber Punk: Digital Punk’s fictional anti-hacking software

According to the Roughstate DJ, Cyber Punk is an anti-hacking software that protects the party, or the ‘safe zone’, against enemy attacks from outside. “As soon as Cyber Punk detects the first threat, it downloads itself into a ‘physical form’ to work with the public to defend the safe zone firewall and eliminate the enemy brutally. This is done using weapons such as kicks, screeches and futuristic sounds,” he says.

The concept of the safe zone was born from the relaxed feeling that Digital Punk experiences during his performances or when he is in the audience as a partygoer. “It’s that feeling of being away from everything. At such a moment, nothing can go wrong. You forget your worries and just party. The idea behind Cyber Punk is to fictionally protect this ideal.”

“I ordered all parts of the mask separately to bring my vision to life”

The outfit that Digital Punk wears during his new live act, an LED mask and a spine with LED lights, also contribute to the experience of Cyber Punk. “I made the mask completely myself. I had an idea in my head and I started ordering the parts step by step to bring my vision of the mask to life. I had the backbone made in Canada. This is something I I’ve never seen it before in a live act. It looks very aggressive with the metal swirls.”


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Digital Punk recently released his track ‘The Future is Ours’, a track that fits seamlessly with the concept of Cyber Punk. For example, he made full use of AI for the music video for this track. “The futuristic world of Cyber Punk initially only existed in my head, but with today’s technology I was able to bring this vision to life visually,” he says in an interview with

In addition to the release of this brand new track, another new track is coming soon. This is the remix of ‘Groeten van je Apotheker‘ by Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd’rOp. Fans of Digital Punk’s annual December mixtape can also clap their hands: this year the annual mix of Unleashed will blast through your speakers as usual. There will also be plenty of news next year, the raw hardstyle DJ says. “I made a record with Unresolved, and collabs are planned with Ran-D, Level One, Radical Redemption, Adaro and B-Front.”

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