Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Dr. Peacock has just announced the release of his newest album. With pride he presents Medication Time: a brand-new musical collection, which according to the doctor provides a form of musical medication in the crazy times we’re now living in.  

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Most Dr. Peacock fans have most likely seen the well-known frenchcore producer spend quite some time in the studio over the last couple of months. Today it was finally revealed why: the brand-new Dr. Peacock album Medication Time wil be released in June 2022, completely filled with no less than 22 tracks.

In these next couple of months, Dr. Peacock will already release tracks of the album – “several doses of music leading up to your Medication Time” – including grand videoclips. Earlier, the doctor already shared ‘Trip To Latvia’ would be a part of the upcoming musical collection, which makes it very likely it represents the first ‘dose’ leading up to the album…

Dr. Peacock is coming with a new album: “These crazy times made me realize more than ever that music could in fact be a medicine”

The newest Dr. Peacock album Medication Time will be released in June of 2022, we still have to wait for the exact date. To be kept updated on the latest news regarding the album, you can keep a close eye on the Dr. Peacock socials.

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