Peter Aldenzee (DV8)
By Peter Aldenzee (DV8)

About 1,5 week ago, the recordings for the Decibel outdoor – STAY LOUD broadcast took place at the Beekse Bergen, which will be aired this Saturday. The voice of the Loudest City, MC DV8 wrote a vivid story about his first real festival feeling since a long time.

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“Clearly, 2020 has been fucked so far. A year without festival deserves no other title. Whereas before we would meet every week both nationally and internationally, now we’re left with a sad piece of corona crisis. The feeling of missing out on all the festivals this summer is immensely huge. The interaction with the crowd, crew and colleagues has been shut down in a blink of an eye. Yes, of course there’s social media. But for an artist there’s nothing more important than the live connection with the crowd.

“As I set foot on the Beekse Bergen, it hits me: ‘Damn, no Decibel outdoor this year…'”

But, there is a light that shines at the end of all this. For now, some small initiatives are made possible. I’m glad B2S took this opportunity to invite a limited amount of fans to the recording of Decibel outdoor. As I set foot on the Beekse Bergen, I get this inescapable melancholic feeling, as I experienced a lot this summer. No loud banging stages, no welcoming festival crowd, no smashing beats, just this empty sight. That’s when it hits you: ‘Damn, no Decibel outdoor this year…’

After a short while, the melancholy fades away. At the south part of the terrain, an enthusiastic group of Decibel outdoor fans are eagerly waiting to be part of the recordings. After a bit of small talk and some jokes, I make my way to the phenomenal stage to set up the technical part. While discussing the program and details with the organization, the first fans are taking their spots.

“Finally an allround festival vibe,

that makes 2020 a bit less fucked up.”

When I’m getting my in-ears ready to go, Fabian arrives backstage. Brennan Heart was the first to take the stage during the recording. We had a drink and soms small talk and decide it’s about time to get back in the studio together sometime. The recording director let’s us know it’s time to start, and for the first time this year I realize I’m experiencing that real festival feeling again. It feels great!

From the moment Brennan Heart starts his first track, everything feels like a ‘normal’ festival registration. This time not screaming blind into a camera, but just letting myself get carried away while the show elements flash by all over the place. The crowd enjoys the show as much as we enjoy them. I see smiling faces all around, everyone is having fun like old times. The next sets are packed with the same vibe all the way. It obviously shows how much everyone has missed this.


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B2S absolutely went out of their way to make this recording a real happing, within the restrictions of this time. They succeeded with flying colors. The blasting show effects, dancers, our beloved music. Being able to physically meet colleagues and most of all partying with the Decibel fans again made this a unique experience. Unlike any other this summer with an allround festival vibe, which made 2020 a bit less fucked.

Hopefully until soon and STAY LOUD!”

– DV8

The stream of Decibel outdoor – STAY LOUD will be broadcasted this Saturday from 17:00 to 00:00 (CET) and can be viewed via

Footage taken from Facebook page Decibel outdoor

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