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By Wouter de Vink

Elektrum Festival is taking a unique path with a brand new harder styles experience. Led by today’s best artists, the full line-up has just been unveiled: with more than 50 DJs, unique showcases & live B2Bs and 5 new areas. “Step into the Gateway of Light, a visual trip to the special location Velder Woods.”

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As the harder styles closing of the festival season, Elektrum is adding unique upgrades to this year’s edition. On the day when it is light and dark for exactly the same amount of time, the festival in Boxtel will introduce a new 1-day format. “Where you party between the trees during the day and end up in an ultimate visual trip in the woods in the evening,” the organizations of Intents Festival and WiSH Outdoor previously said about this groundbreaking experience.

Now Elektrum Festival puts words into action with the full line-up – and it is full of shows that you will not find anywhere else in RAW, Uptempo and Classics. Think of Rebelion vs. Dual Damage LIVE for example: a unique showcase between the two superpowers of the moment (where their new collab will probably come into play).

“Bright by day, radiant by night”

In addition, Elektrum has mega live acts on the program: including The Straikerz – Jackpot LIVE, Vertile’s Dimension X, Regain: Polish Punisher and Frequencerz – The Last Run. While you stroll through the renovated grounds you will find LIVE B2Bs between Aversion vs. Rejecta and Fraw vs. Anderex: these are 45-minute showcases in which both acts merge and play new tracks & the best edits with a custom made show.

That’s not all, because the biggest names such as Dimitri K, Rooler and Phuture Noize are present with mega talents such as BMBERJCK vs Revelation vs Unload. Elektrum is making an excellent impression with the revealed artists and its new plans for the end of the season – check out the full line-up below.

Mega big upgrades coming: “Prepare for never-before-seen shows!”

Elektrum Festival – Gateway of Light will be held on Saturday the 12th of October 2024 in the Velder Woods in Boxtel. The Loyalty tickets are already completely sold out, so check the festival’s official website quickly for tickets and more information. “Whatever you come for, this will be the closing of the festival season, with major upgrades to the site in terms of line-up, decoration, show & much more.”


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Elektrum Festival 2024 line-up

Rebelion vs Dual Damage LIVE
Aversion vs Rejecta LIVE
Bloodlust The Assassination LIVE
BMBERJCK vs Revelation vs Unload
Fraw vs Anderex LIVE
Mutilator vs So Juice
Phuture Noize
The Purge
The Straikerz – Jackpot LIVE
Unresolved vs Deluzion LIVE
Vertile’s Dimension X
Hosted by MC Livid

Abaddon vs Satirized
Barbaric Records presents Manifest Destiny, Samynator & Tharken
Dimitri K
Eraized vs Akimbo vs Aalst
Gezellige Uptempo
Juliëx vs Unproven
Major Conspiracy
Noxiouz vs Jur Terreur
Partyraiser vs Bulletproof
Pinotello vs Complex
Spitnoise vs Tharoza
The Dope Doctor
Hosted by MC Raise

Coldax vs Dark Entities
Collusion vs Heavy Resistance
Deezl vs Exproz
Element vs Scarra
Hard Destiny vs Sparkz
Killshot vs Omnya
Kruelty vs Luminite
Regain: Polish Punisher
Vexxed vs Sanctuary
Hosted by MC Flo

Frequencerz – The Last Run
Jason Payne Goldschool
The Pitcher This Is My Sound Classics
Unresolved X YRS
Hosted by MC Synergy

To be announced

Footage via Elektrum Festival / KVDM Photography


  • General Fangirl 25 June 2024 - 14:16

    There are a lot of names I don’t know. It looks like a village festival.

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