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By Nina van Zelst

Today the entire Dutch cultural sector launched the website ‘’: theaters, concert halls, music venues, event- and sports organisations, museums and festivals are collectively asking visitors to keep their tickets. They want them to either save it for later or exchange them for vouchers, an arrangement set up in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

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In a previous article we already explained the immense impact the coronavirus is having on the Dutch event industry, among which billions of lost revenue and the loss of 15,000 jobs. For organisations it’s therefore very important that visitors decide to keep their tickets for another date. “Your ticket has value. When you buy a ticket, it’s delayed enjoyment. Now it’s just taking a little longer than expected“, so Willem Westermann of the Dutch Association of Event makers to the AD.

Today organisations are therefore introducing a fitting solution for visitors with tickets. “We are trying to find new dates for events as much as possible, for which the original tickets will remain valid. If we can’t postpone the event, the event is officially cancelled or a visitor cannot make it on the new date, we’ll provide them with a voucher worth the original ticket price including (service)costs, which they can redeem later.

“Refunds are a last resort”

As a visitor and consumer you of course have the right to ask for a refund. This option will therefore remain, but you won’t receive your money back immediately. When the event has been postponed, you’ll get your refund no later than one month after the new date. In this way, the sector can better cope with the immense economical hit.


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