Sarah Krug
By Sarah Krug

Within our scene it is fairly common that Euphoric Hardstyle – the uplifting and happy side of the Harder Styles – makes many of us think of summer. Yeah, it might even take one back to standing in front of a stage in the sun with a beer in our hands, listening to amazing melodies. However, by organising Euphoria every year around the beginning of December, b2s shows us that it is just as easily possible to indulge in a night of Euphoric Hardstyle during the dark and rainy times.

Last weekend, on the 1st of December 2018, Euphoria took place at the Poppodium 013 in Tilburg. Whilst the event usually featured the most important names of the Euphoric scene the last couple of years, this time round it marked something exclusive: a take-over by a recently introduced Hardstyle label. In May 2017, Atmozfears, Audiotricz, Bass Modulators and Noisecontrollers announced the formation of The Spirit Of Hardstyle, and this weekend it was time to finally dedicate a whole night to this label and the significant sound behind it. Together with a number of special guests and formations that cannot be seen at every festival, the artists behind The Spirit Of Hardstyle made sure that the event would be filled with only the best happy and uplifting tunes.

Noisecontrollers: Attack Again

By starting out the night with some undeniable classics, Noisecontrollers showed us again where he originally came from and also how important it is for the audience to acknowledge the roots of Euphoric Hardstyle. Especially now with more and more classics-parties popping up, it seems to be a success to open an event with a set that features the big tracks from the old days. Hearing tunes like ‘Tonight’, ‘CTRL.ALT.DELETE’ or ‘Faster ‘N Further’ and being taken back right to all the nice memories from the earlier days definitely makes up for a great start of an even greater night.

The tease finally comes to an end during Audiotricz: Next Chapter

For a while, the two guys from Audiotricz had kept rather quiet after announcing focus on “something new” on their social media in September. We had seen a couple interviews and teasers before, which included them introducing the “Next Chapter”. Their performance at Euphoria 2018 finally brought to light another musical side of the duo. They introduced a lot of beautiful new music, featuring a stunning live e-guitar performance by Leon, one half of Audiotricz. It all seemed to work very well: The combination of some cool Rockstar riffs with Euphoric Hardstyle definitely left a smile on many visitors’ faces! Of course, next to new music some classic Audiotricz tunes like ‘Fallen Horizon’ or ‘Inception’ weren’t left out either!

Turning the stage into one big B2B2B

Pretty much every combination one could imagine between these four acts was also carried out during Euphoria, and even more. While it was already clear that there was no timetable as such for this party, it almost seemed like not even the organisation pre-planned any set times. Every couple tracks something was happening on the stage, like the artists throwing goodies or a different guest joining the decks. Next to the four pioneers of The Spirit Of Hardstyle, Demi Kanon, Adrenalize and Devin Wild also joined the stage a couple times, and all was hosted by the legendary voice and label-friend MC Tellem.

Only the best act combinations

Atmozfears and Audiotricz had duelled up on stage under the name ALLSTVRS before within the last year. Yet again, at this edition of Euphoria they rocked the stage with their best songs and energised the crowd that was waiting for sing-along hits like ‘World Is Mine‘ or ‘What About Us’. When Devin Wild got on stage to play the recently released feel-good track ‘Breathe’ together with his buddy Atmozfears, it felt like the whole hall of the 013 had turned into one big happy choir. Important tunes of this year like ‘Get Up’ by Adrenalize or ‘Closer’ by Demi Kanon were also played, and this definitely made sure all the fans got their dose of singing along. NCBM, the act consisting of Noisecontrollers and Bass Modulators, managed to take us back to 2016 by playing all the tracks they had released on their mini-album Chapter One. However, also lots of new music was brought to the (turn)table this time; and one of the highlights of the night was definitely when Noisecontrollers stood on the stage, premiering a track that some fans had been waiting for already: The anthem of Hard Bass 2019: ‘The Last Formation’.

Bass Modulators: Limitless Showcase

It was only just recently that the Bass Modulators released their new album, Limitless. The album features many energising tunes that definitely helped them deserve their spot at Qlimax in November, and yet again at Euphoria they showed the crowd how much fun it is to jump and shout along to all the bangers from the new album like ‘Get Me High‘, ‘Warrior’ or even the Clockartz remix of ‘Oxygen’.

Way to energise the crowd one last time: The Spirit Of Hardcore

Whilst usually the line-up at festivals and parties within the Hard Dance scene start softly and build up to hard, this was not really the case at Euphoria. In fact, visiting Euphoria means celebrating rom 22:00 until 6 AM with lots and lots of happy and energising tracks. Whilst one might think the energy could possibly get lost after of a couple of hours, the guys from The Spirit Of Hardstyle made sure this would definitely not be the case. The last 30 minutes of the event featured the premiere of The Spirit Of Hardcore, which consisted of all the members of the label getting on stage and treating us with faster hardcore edits of well-known tracks like ‘Get Me High’ or ‘Het Gevoel Van‘.

After even bringing in a couple Millennial Hardcore tracks, the guys eventually majestically brought an end to the night by spinning some Frenchcore. Seeing as recently artists like Sefa or Dr. Peacock have brought lots of melody to the genre, ‘Nothing Like The Oldschool’ and ‘Muzika’ served as the perfect ending tracks for this fun and melodic night.


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All in all, this edition of Euphoria was definitely a great success. With the music being on point and the light show and stage going with it perfectly, the hall of the Poppodium 013 in Tilburg was filled with loads of smiles, singing and energy until the very last minute. We are excited to hear about the next edition taking place in 2019!

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