Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Execution Festival pulls out the big stuff: after sold-out and successful editions, the event will be held for the third time this year. Completely in the theme of ‘Transform The Mind’, it has once again managed to add two areas with 20 RAW and Uptempo artists to the line-up. “Including a next level anthem…”

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The ambitious organization of Execution Festival knows how to score high. Last time, there was not a single ticket left in the packed location in Uden: where the biggest names from RAW Hardstyle and Uptempo Hardcore came to perform, such as Rebelion, Sickmode and Cryex. “This was beyond all expectations.”

Now Execution Festival returns with an event completely immersed in theme. That’s why Dual Damage will provide the anthem and you’ll also find Malice, Regain LIVE, Mutilator vs. Andrex, Fraw, Manifest Destiny and many others. Check out the full Execution Festival 2023 – Transform The Mind line-up below.

Execution Festival 2023 line-up

Dual Damage
Gezellige Uptempo
Mutilator vs. Anderex
Manifest Destiny
Omnya vs. Griever
Regain LIVE
MC Activate
MC Siqnal

“We have very big plans for the future”

Execution Festival will be held on Saturday 21 October 2023 in Markant Uden. The early and regular tickets are already sold out, so head over to the official website for tickets and more information. “You really don’t want to miss this!”

Footage taken from Facebook page Execution Festival

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