Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

After a long radiosilence there was finally news from the Austrian raw hardstyle DJ/producer Exit Mind.
His last post dated all the way back to 2015, where he stated to be very sorry for his absence. Now, in 2018, there is news once more: Exit Mind at Defqon.1. Does this mean Exit Mind at Defqon.1 are the signs of a possible, permanent return?

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Being a DJ is not all fun and games

Exit Mind explained to have a rough time with his sudden success: before his first booking he had never entered a DJ booth, but all of a sudden he had to please large crowds. This was very stressful. Because of this Exit Mind had taken ‘a break’. Via social media, together with his Defqon.1 announcement, he apologised once more to his fans.

Hopefully, his return will be permanent, because Exit Mind was a fresh name, that brought a a fresh new sound to the scene. This was proven by the success of his tracks and the fact that he has been at Defqon.1 once before. In 2014 the Austrian was found at the mighty BLUE stage of Defqon.1, and this year he can be found at the INDIGO stage on Sunday.

Picture via Facebook-page Exit Mind

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