Rik Houwers
By Rik Houwers

On the 24th of September Crypsis will release his new album at Supremacy. The new album is called Program Hostile and follows after his first two albums Statement of Intent and Cryptology. The first track ‘Punish’ is now available as a preview!

This year Supremacy will be on the 24th of September in the Brabanthallen in Den Bosch. Last year Warface released his new album The Nine Circles and Minus Militia released their album Legion of Strength two years ago at the same event. This year it’s Crypsis his turn to release a new album. According to Crypsis Supremacy is the perfect spot to release this new project: “This party has an amazing atmosphere, that’s why we chose Supremacy for the release. Art of Dance has a reputation of throwing a great party!”

Program Hostile
The first preview is called ‘Punish’. The style of this track reminds listeners of his older work with Cryptology.. That album was a dark and raw one. Crypsis said this about ‘Punish’: “Here we go! The very first previw of my upcoming album Program Hostile. Dark and filthy, just the way I like it. Play it Loud!”

How Art of Dance will take care of this album release is not yet clear, but if you remember the other editions you know it will be a great show. Last year Digital Punk hovered over the audience in a big box while he was playing his set or who can forget the arrival of Minus Militia on a footbridge?!

So if you’re up for a raw spectacle filled with lots of new Crypsis material, be sure to visit Supremacy next month!

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