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By Nina van Zelst

A few months ago, the musical career of Ralf changed drastically: Freek left their duo Galactixx. Now Ralf is working ‘The New Chapter’, in which he releases new music and continues with Galactixx. We talked to him about this change, how he feels about it and the future of Galactixx. 

Let’s begin with the big change: Freek who unfortunately decided to leave the duo Galactixx. He made this decision because he lost his motivation quite some time ago. ”He didn’t feel like an added value to our act, and this is why he thought more and more about leaving.” For Ralf the news was less of a shock to him then it was for others. ”I didn’t see it coming, but I did notice a growing difference between us. He almost completely lost his motivation, whereas I wanted to give my all. However, this didn’t make me any less shook when Freek told me has made his decision. Everything seems to stop in that moment, because you have built something great together.”

”I’m so extremely motivated to take Galactixx to a higher level, but this comes with ups and downs”

Freek and Ralf announced the news they were splitting up via a post on their socials, in which they explained Galactixx would continue as a solo act. According to Ralf, the reactions on this post were heart warming. ”Fans were bummed, but everyone respected Freek his decision. They all wished him the best, and this was amazing to see for the both of us. You really witness the beauty of our hardstyle family. Everyone took their time to thank Freek, and wish me the best with my solo career.”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, nacht en binnen

Stonger In The End’ is Galactixx’ first solo track and has been released on the label WE R Music. Releasing on this label has always been a dream of Ralf. ”I will never forget the moment when I heard our track ‘Hold Me’ would be released at WE R. WE R Music gives me creative freedom, but steers me if necessary.” The lyrics of the new track, ‘Stronger In The End‘, talks about ups and downs. According to Ralf, this refers to his own life. ”On the outside it always seems like picture perfect, but there’s a lot of insecurity and stress to deal with. I’m so extremely motivated to take Galactixx to a higher level, but just like everyone chasing their dreams this comes with ups and downs. How catchy as it may sound, I think everyone can relate to it on some level.”

”Before I was in the studio alone 9 out of 10 times already”

For this new music, Ralf had to spend quite some time in the studio in order to create his tracks. For him there are two big differences between producing alone or together. ”Together you can think of amazing things because you get excited from each other’s ideas: just like when you collab with another artist. On the other side, I notice I have more creative freedom and I can do it just like I have it pictured in my head.” It therefore didn’t take long for Ralf to adapt to the situation. ”I was in the studio by myself 9 out of 10 times before already. It is harder to decide whether something is really sick, and which designs you are going to finish.”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en vuur

Now that the musical influences of Freek are gone, it’s difficult to say the ‘Galactixx sound’ will stay the same. ”On the one hand I know for sure you’ll hear the musical influences of Freek missing. I want to show my own thing now, so also my own sound. Yet I believe you’ll always hear that typical Galactixx edge!” 

”I looked forward to it for a long time and I was ready for a new chapter”

The very first solo performace took place at the 10th of November, during Hardlab – A Chemistry Of Sound. For Ralf this was quite an experience. ”The first 15 minutes it felt really weird: I had been together on stage for the entire 5 years before. I did get used to it pretty quickly, I looked forward to it for a long time and I was ready for a new chapter.” The biggest difference between being behind the booth alone or together, lies with the interaction according to Ralf. ”You share each moment together on stage: you smile when something good happens or when you play a track you both love. It was very special when I got to play my own new music, something that’s 100% your own.” Therefore you don’t have to worry the ‘Galactixx act’ will change with one man less. I’ve Always been very enthusiastic on stage, and I believe the act will stay the same way. The sets will change a bit since I will play a lot of music of myself, but it won’t get any quieter on stage haha!”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, menigte

He announced this new solo Galactixx period as ‘The Next Chapter’. In this, Ralf wants to show with how much passion he makes and plays music. I want to show how badly I want this. I realize this is just the beginning, but I’ve set clear goals for myself. If I really want this, I will have to go all out.” On the short term we can therefore expect a lot from the new Galactixx. ”My first solo videoclip has just come out! You can also expect even more new music: tracks such as ‘Stronger In The End’ that I use to tell a story, but also party tracks such as ‘Partyfreak’ with Brennan Heart. We will also announce more about my new collab with Sub Sonik soon, so stay tuned.”

Even though the duo is still close, we won’t see Freek on stage anymore. ”Luckily Freek and I aren’t fighting, and he still drops by in the studio. You won’t find him on stage anymore, since I really want to focus on myself now.” Soon you’ll find Ralf as Galactixx at XXlerator Carnaval, Brewery of Lunacy and even REBiRTH Festival. You can also admire his new videoclip down below. We wish Ralf the best with his new solo career!

Footage via Facebook-page Galactixx

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