Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

The men of Frequencerz have made this years worldwide anthem of WiSH Outdoor. Earlier, fans already have been able to hear a small part, but now it’s time for the full track.

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WiSH Outdoor has just posted the full version of the anthem ‘Ready 2 Go’ online, that’s made by Frequencerz. The festival will take place in the Netherlands and Mexico and the track is for both events, that’s why the organization calls it the worldwide anthem.

Earlier, the organization announced on a remarkable way that the men are responsible for this years anthem. “Call to +31492728690 and discover who made the WiSH Outdoor 2019 worldwide anthem.” This was not the only thing that could be heard when you called the number, since you’re also got a sneak peak of the anthem. At that moment, many fans already reacted very positive about the anthem and about the way the makers got revealed.

WiSH Outdoor 2019 anthem of Frequencerz is online

In Mexico, the festival takes place on the 25th of May and in the Netherlands from the 5th of June until the 7th. For more information about WiSH Outdoor 2019, go to the Facebook page of the event.

Photo by Facebook page Frequencerz

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