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By Wouter de Vink

Live acts are quite special most of the times, but what’s coming for us now… This morning Frequencerz put a video on social media, where they make a small reveal in very mysterious way. They are about to launch a brand new live act, called Stealth Mode. But what does this exactly mean?

Luckily this video – check it out down below – contains a couple of details that we can link. Namely it includes a small line of text that comes by:

“We set out to conquer the world. And start a new… Revolution.”

This is obviously a piece of lyrics that we all know from an older track made by the Frequencerz, ‘Revolution’. It might hint to a live act where they will redefine their tracks from back in the day. This is just a assumption, it could also mean that they are actually about to start a new revolution. Who knows…

Further on in the video it’s shows when we can witness the first performance of Stealth Mode. The exact date that pops up is Saturday the 30th of September 2017 and that’s the day when Supremacy is taking place. This raw hardstyle event bulks of the amount of live acts: over 14 artists will perform live. It’s never seen before in the raw hardstyle scene and so the Frequencerz are using this opportunity to make something special of it. Also Supremacy shared this trailer video on their Facebook page.

Frequencerz are having lots of plans for the future and are quite busy to make all of this happen. In a recent interview with Dutch local magazine LICHT op Eindhoven, the duo says that there are having tons of ideas for a brand new album. They say that it will be a solo album, which means it will just contain tracks that are made by themselves. This will certainly come in handy with their Frequencerz LIVE Stealth Mode act. If we can link these two projects together, is still a question to be answered though.

Cover image via Instagram account Frequencerz


  • Axel 14 September 2017 - 11:46

    Supremacy the 30th of september yes…
    But don’t forget the Return of Headhunterz!!


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