Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Especially for the 20th anniversary of Intents Festival, Frequencerz looked back on the past two decades. They played a unique set on the main for thousands of visitors: “A time machine from 2009 until now!”

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The men of Frequencerz will be at Intents Festival for the 19th time this weekend. The duo is therefore the perfect act to take the visitors of the mainstage on a journey through 20 years of the festival. And with success, because the mood is already excellent at the start of the sun-drenched Friday.

The classics at the mainstage are a hit among the visitors, who sing along when Frequencerz starts with the ‘We Can Escape’ anthem. Niels and Pepijn even asked the help of fans in advance, who were allowed to submit their favorite Intents tracks from the past 20 years online. Hands go up en masse during forgotten tracks like ‘Satana’, ‘Dragonborn’ and ‘Men Of Steel’.

“Everyone knows these classics!”

“It is wonderful to look back at all the past editions with all these people around you,” says a visitor on the dancefloor – who can no longer count the number of Intents editions on one hand. “Everyone knows these classics, so a set like this is a very pleasant surprise!”

Speaking of which: Villain announces halfway through the set that Niels became a father again yesterday. As the drop of ‘It’s All In The Game’ blasts through the speakers, the Roughstate DJ takes over the microphone and in the meantime the CO2 blasts from the gigantic crown of the stage: “Let’s party together!”

Frequencerz take exciting visitors on a journey of 20 years of Intents

The last minutes of the set are used for brand new tracks: including Frequencerz, Max Alexander & MC Synergy – ‘Brothers In Crime’. On Sunday, Frequencerz will dive into the archives of hardstyle again: then they will be performing at the Relive stage. Want to be here next year? Then pre-register for Intents Festival 2024 – Into The Wild.

Footage taken from Facebook page Intents Festival

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