Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

B-Frontliner, as the name implies, is a live-act consisting of B-Front and Frontliner. The two artists gave birth to the act in the previous decade and combined their two styles into a working formula. The trackĀ ‘Magic’ is still loved by crowds everywhere they go. After a period of silence the duo played at Hard Bass 2015, which is almost 3 years ago. They played a couple of new tracks and obviously the people wanted to find out more about them. Unfortunately things remained pretty silent. At least, until Frontliner did a Q&A on his Facebook page.

One of his fans asked him when the track ‘World Outside’ would be released. The Melodyman had the following response:

As if there aren’t enough albums being released, Frontliner steps it up by making the announcement above. While the albums hasn’t been officially announced, the act does have quite a few tracks ready to be released. Let’s hope more will be unveiled soon.

Photo via: Hardstyle Mag

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