Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

2017 is the year of the albums and also Frontliner is going to add one to the gigantic list. The hardstyle dj responded on Instagram that his new album Neon will be coming soon. And not coincidentally The Melodyman throws his own party at the Amsterdam Dance Event, which carries the same name as the album. So we might expect the Frontliner album Neon really soon.

Barry Droger, better known as Frontliner, posted a video of one of his bookings during his Asia tour last weekend. He’s visiting countries like Korea and Chine on the other side of the globe. After his gig in Guangzhou he placed a video at his social media of himself during his set. A curious fan asked which track he played in the video and Frontliner responded immediately: “Track from my upcoming Neon album.”

NRG VIBE presents: Frontliner Neon – ADE Showcase will take place at Saturday the 21th of October. An event by Frontliner himself, which will represent hardstyle at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Names like Audiotricz, Rebourne, Toneshifterz and of course Frontliner will play at the World Fashion Center in the Dutch capital. But it’s not quite clear if that will be the release date of the upcoming album. Also, when you visit the official Frontliner website, you’ll get redirected to an empty Neon playlist at Spotify, with the date set at 12 December 2017… Confusing, but there’s definitely a link between the album and the party.

It’s by the way not the first album for the euphoric hardstyle dj. In 2011 released his debut album Producers Mind. Frontliner produced quite a few hits ever since, like ‘I’m The Melodyman’, ‘TBA 2 (One More Time)’ and ‘Frontliner & Radical Redemption’. And who remembers The Summer of Frontliner, a project he has done twice where he released his tracks all summer long. You can find these here and here.

Cover via Facebook page Frontliner / Alex van Oostrum


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