Feije Tinnevelt
By Feije Tinnevelt

The last few months it seemed a bit quiet around Frontliner. Luckily, the Melodyman is still giving hardstyle his all: performing around the globe and working on a B-Frontliner album are just a few of the things he’s occupied with at the moment. Last Saturday at Dance4Liberation, and at Royaal Kabaal on Kingsday, Frontliner dropped some new material.

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During these sets, a new track with a familiar vocal was played. This familiar voice belongs to none other than John Harris. The name of the track has not been revealed, but ‘The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow’ was named as a potential name. The vocalist is not new to the hardstylescene. Not only was his voice heard on Frontliners ‘Halos’ back in 2012, but as well on the albumtrack ‘Empire’ by Rebelion. Even though Frontliner and Rebelion both have a completely different sound, Johns voice add a lot to both tracks.

John Harris & Frontliner get wild together

Apart from ‘Halos’, there are a few more bangers that came from collaborations between Frontliner and John Harris. They also combined their forces to bring us ‘Never Come Down’ and the TSOF-track ‘Loud’. All three of these tracks will ring a bell for many hardstyle-lovers but in case it doesn’t, you can check one of their tracks out down-below.

Coverpicture via Facebook-Page John Harris

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