Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Things have been pretty silent around Frontliner lately. Although he’s very active on social media, he didn’t have as many releases as he used to. On May 18 he posted a video with a lot of new music, but the releases didn’t come after that. Luckily something new came up regarding new Frontliner music, but this time from a different direction.

He recently released his bootleg of  ‘David Guetta & Showtek – Believer’ as an official remix on Dutch Master Works and now news has revealed itself about a collab with the guys from Blasterjaxx. Blasterjaxx aren’t new to hardstyle, since they released ‘Beautiful World’ with the boys from D-Block & S-te-Fan two years ago. They revealed the collab through a picture on Snapchat.

The picture shows a track, called ‘Blasterjaxx x Frontliner – ID-01.mp3’ and the text “Is it really gonna happen??” It’s not yet clear what the genre and the style of the track will be, but no doubt that we’re going to hear the track at the coming festivals.

Photo: Ruud Baan

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