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The self titled #YearOfTheGear was a bold marketing statement to make for a label which had yet managed to fully captivate it’s target audience, but given this labels undeniable rise in popularity over the course of the year, it appears that the YearOfTheGear was no understatement!

Having ended 2014 on a major high after the release of their 2 disc album ‘Mechanical Warfare’, maintaining their momentum should have been a difficult task, but with the signing of two powerhouse artists in Primefire and the year of the gear kicked off in magnificent fashion. As well as announcing these new signings, the new recruits from the previous year Unresolved and Rebelion, notched up two top 5 hits on Hardstyle.com with their respective releases “Gangsta” and “We Wont Die”. Those who were already familiar with the sounds of Gearbox could sense that a new movement was coming.

The rise of Gearbox
Gearbox continued to grow, gaining support from some of the biggest names in the scene as well as seeing their artists perform at some of the biggest events going, but towards the end of the summer, things really started to heat up as Gearbox announced three new sub labels to distinguish the different genres promoted by label. Euphoric Hardstyle, Hard Dance and new Raw talents were all promoted respectively through Gearbox Euphoria, Gearbox HD and Ignition Digital, while Gearbox Digital continued as their main raw label.

The success of this brand culminated in two Gearbox label nights, one in August hosted by Pound events in Holland, and the second to be hosted by Suppression on the 19th of December in Haarlem. It was the meeting of Gearbox and Suppression that gave birth to Pure Bookings.

Pure Bookings
Pure Bookings is now the representation for almost all of the Gearbox artists on all 4 labels. Both Phil and Marvin from Gearbox and Suppression, have already been working under the radar and have helped in gaining some fantastic bookings already, but now that Pure Bookings has been officially announced, we can expect to see a lot more Gearbox artists performing at our favourite events next year!

UnresolvedHaving spoke with the guys behind the new agency, we can reveal that Pure Bookings is committed to promoting new, pure talent and helping them progress towards a long and successful career. Their aim is to build one of the most respected by agencies in Hardstyle by giving equal opportunities to all artists they represent and by maintaining fantastic working relationships with the smaller organisations who are as passionate about supporting new talent as they are. They have suggested that dealing with Pure Bookings is a much more financially viable option for the smaller parties as they allow for more time for ticket sales than the bigger organisations before requesting DJ fees.

Having witnessed the growth of some of the artists under their management already, it’s clear to see that Pure Bookings will definitely be one of the major forces in Hardstyle bookings in the years to come.

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