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The GelreDome in Arnhem has been the home of the popular hardstyle concepts Hard Bass (at the start of each year) and Qlimax (at the end of each year). Thousands and thousands of fans unite at the football stadium to party all night to their favorite music.

At the moment the GelreDome only has a permit for two night events per year. These two events are Hard Bass and Qlimax. But the director, Hérald van de Bunt, believes that there is room for two or three more events. Other events that are currently held in the GelreDome have to close at 23:00, but Van de Bunt feels like this makes it hard to exploit other events in the GelreDome.

Noise complaints
In the past the GelreDome had a permit for four night events per year, but because of noise complaints from the surrounding residents it has been reduced to two in 2012. The board of directors state that these events don’t cause as much noise as has been thought before. That’s why they want to start with a trial soon. Talks with the city of Arnhem will be scheduled soon.

Source: De Gelderlander

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