Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Gezellige Uptempo marks its debut at Intents Festival in a very unique way. Your favorite poopie masters personally ensured that not a single square centimeter of the even extensive Boombox was unused: “What a gezelligheid!”

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All the amigos made their way to the Boombox (by Malelions) to catch a glimpse of Gezellige Uptempo. Armed with five gigantic poop masks and a shitload of pink cakes, Jos and his companions really pull out all the craziness. The fully present visitors fall on a high BPM from one surprise to the other: holy shit.

For those who still don’t understand a crap about this act: the number two quintet hands out specially brought attributes for the crowd for 60 minutes, while blasting pleasant uptempo through your ears. It’s quite a lot to witness, since the concept of seeing 5 DJs behind the turntables may be difficult to grasp (this does not apply to the pink cakes though).

The audience enjoys everything that Gezellige Uptempo presents them with a big smile on their face. In the meantime, ‘Dikke Rave Beat’ sounds and there is conviviality between the containers of Intents (and far beyond). The classic Q-BASE anthem even comes by and the AirMax fly up to your earlobe during the energetic ‘Cocaine Last’ edit. We can say that Gezellige Uptempo is a unique experience: something we have never seen before in the harddance scene.

Gezellige Uptempo creates a different wind

We’re going to see, hear and perhaps smell a lot of Gezellige Uptempo – at least they have spread their scent in abundance this weekend. What do you think: should this act come back to Intents Festival 2024 – Into The Wild?


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