Hard News
By Hard News

It has been very quiet around him lately, but last Friday he made the announcement himself. Goliath is leaving the label Dirty Workz Anarchy. The reason is not entirely clear, but he did make the following statement.

“You may have already seen this coming, but due to recent events we (Dirty Workz and I) decided to part ways. It’s a shame after three years, because it really felt like i was a part of the family. But unfortunately my sound just didn’t fit anymore. But this didn’t held me back! I’m not quitting on music because of this, on the other hand this evnt opened more doors for me to step in to. I feel musically free to do whatever the f*ck i want to do! So again, i’ll be working hard untill i achieve the sound i want to have in my future projects! I want to create an even better goliath signature sound! I can promise you this.. Goliath wil be back harder and better than before.”

It’s a shame to see such a talented guy leave a respected label like Dirty Workz. We can only hope to be hearing from him sometime soon.

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