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By Hard News

The career of D-Sturb is going through the roof lately. With recent hits as ‘Legacy‘, ‘High Power’ and his remix for Crypsis’ track ‘For Your Mind’ and performances at Decibel outdoor, Defqon.1 and Dominator, it seems like the raw hardstyle dj is unstoppable.

Yesterday he did a livestream on his Facebook page, where he personally tells that he has an important announcement to make. But after a few minutes into the livestream, the screen shows a malfunction and the image gets distorted. Jorrit (D-Sturb) tries to get the stream back to normal, but it doens’t seem to help. The big news is that he’s currently working on a anthem, for an event where he performed last year as well. But at the moment of truth, just when he would reveal the big news, the stream collapses multiple times.

What’s quite remarkable, is that while Jorrit is talking, the screen on his computer aborts his project and starts to load some kind of virus. It seems a little unlikely, but things get worse when both of his monitors get taken over. The lines “Conflict Override” and a couple of voices appear in the background: “We will take down the project!”

Let’s hope that more details will be revealed soon about this rare phenomenon.


  • Jon Graft 14 September 2017 - 14:54

    It’s obviously not a real virus, this is all marketing. No virus starts with a big pop up that says Virus. ? I bet the festival will be hacker themed and the anthem is called Conflict Override.

  • lol 14 September 2017 - 15:47

    hardnews trolled big time :D


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