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Remco Lipniak, a.k.a. Lip DJ, is known for his ‘World of Hardstyle’ compilations on YouTube. But he also has quite a few big bookings, like Defqon.1, Intents Festival, CRAFT and De Tijdmachine on his name.

Funkomaticz recently decided to start a collaboration with Remco and produce euphorical tracks for the project ‘Lip DJ’. There already have been released three tracks.

Today is his 30th birthday! The perfect opportunity to take a moment to appreciate some of his tracks and ‘World of Hardstyle’ compilations. Happy birthday!

Lip DJ – Storm Of Desire

Lip DJ – Alone

Lip DJ – Inphinite Love

World Of Hardstyle 2012

World Of Hardstyle Special – 15th Edition!

World Of Hardstyle 2010

World Of Hardstyle After-Summer 2011

World Of Hardstyle

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