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By Tim Bekkering

Fans in the harder styles scene often like to show their dedication by wearing merchandise of their favorite organisations, labels and artists. The dancefloor at events is frequently covered with people wearing branded shirts, jackets and caps. But what if you want to represent the hardstyle lifestyle as a whole, also outside festivals? Harderstyles.store has the answer and has just launched the very first Harderstyles Fashion line. We talked to the online store to find out what this clothing line is all about. 

Harderstyles.store offers many different types of merchandise that is linked to labels, organizations and artists. Many of their products are worn by numerous harder styles lovers during events, yet they have now come up with a new clothing line that will focus more on fashion and lifestyle. “We saw that an enormous amount of merchandise was worn and sold at events. However, we rarely met people who also wore these merchandise during the week. We wondered why this was and started an investigation. This showed that the designs of the current range are too loud to be able to wear in everyday situations,” the organization said.

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“Our vision is to create a clothing line that connects the entire harder styles community”

With Harderstyles fashion, the label wants to create a clothing line that connects all harder styles lovers: “It’s for all fanatic fans of hardstyle, hardcore and all its subgenres who want to associate themselves with the harder styles family. Our vision is to create a clothing line that connects the harder styles community, whereby this can be expressed not only at events, but also during the week. You immediately recognize your fellow enthusiast without your employer, colleague or family making this association.” In addition, Harderstyles says that with their new fashion line, they want to measure themselves against the quality of the larger contemporary brands.

Unlike the usual merchandise, the unique thing about Harderstyles fashion is the price/quality ratio and the subtle details in the clothing. “After much trial and error with the manufacture and sale of merchandise from, among others, Rebelion, Malice, Gearbox Digital, Unresolved and many others, we have gained insight and the knowledge to deliver a high quality at a competitive and competitive price: in the fabrics, designs, prints, details and embroidery. We believe that our clothing line can compete with the quality of more expensive well-known clothing brands.”

“We focus on the bond between fans, organizations and artists at all times, not just on events”

Fans of course wear their merchandise mainly during events, to support a label or specific artist. However, with their new clothing line, Harderstyles fashion hopes to turn the tide: “If you wear Harderstyles, you actually support the entire harder styles scene. We hope to be able to change the image and to bind artists to our brand, as well as to create a brand that you can wear at all times. The first artists have already been approached and respond positively, because of our background we can quickly build a community. On the contrary, we focus on the bond between visitors, fans, organizations and artists, at every moment and not just at events. We would like to connect everyone to one large community.”

“In addition to the clothing line, we are also setting up a loyalty program with discounts on Festivals, merchandise and other events”

The research that Harderstyles has done for their new fashion line has shown that there is the most demand for t-shirts, caps, hoodies and sweaters. But they will certainly not limit themselves to these products and more items such as a complete sportswear line and accessories will follow soon. “In addition to the clothing line, we are also busy setting up a loyalty program with discounts on festivals, merchandise and other events that connect the community. More on this soon. But if you buy the clothes, you are automatically a member.”

Last but not least, Harderstyles will soon be organizing a free release party. Here, fans can immediately see and feel the clothes, get to know the community and of course enjoy the party. Here the clothing is presented in a unique form, including a genuine Harderstyles catwalk. Artists such as Malice, Mish and many others will perform here. The full line-up will be announced soon.

The Harderstyles Fashion line is already available on harderstyles.store. The official release party will take place at PKHS in Tilburg on 29th December from 14:00 until 18:00. The entry is for free, but you need to get a ticket via the official ticket page. For more info you can also visit harderstyles.store’s socials.

Footage taken from Facebookpage Harderstyles.store


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