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By Mark de Rond

The biggest french Hardmusic festival is back under the French Riviera’s sun. It marked last year with it’s first edition, Hardkaze will be back on March 9th at Le Zénith de Toulon, a beautiful city located under the sun, in the marvelous French Riviera.

No less than 22 artists will perform during the evening. Hardkaze will provide more than 9 hours of continuous and scripted show with two stages both dedicated to many sub-genres of the harder styles. A unique scenario taking place within a galactic theme, and composed of several acts that will guide the crowd through a unique journey, and introduce each DJ.

Hardkaze Festival | Beyond the galaxy

An exceptional line-up counting Angerfist, the mighty reference of Hardcore, Andy the Core and F. Noize, heroes of Italian hardcore. Furyan, member of Guerrillas will be there alongside N-Vitral, Mad Dog and many other local and international respected artists. To represent hardstyle there will be KELTEK, creator of this year’s Reverze and Defqon.1 anthem, B-Front, Psyko Punkz and D-Sturb. There will also be many emerging artists like Act of Rage (member of the label Minus is More), Ceazar, Rejecta and Jay Reeve. Billx will also be a part of Hardkaze Festival. From the French Riviera and at the origin at many labels, Billx has performed on the biggest festivals like Masters Of Hardcore.

hardkaze 2019

There will be some for those who like it faster with Spitnoise and The Satan. As a French festival, Hardkaze wants to have many French and local artists like Streiks and Kratchs (both from Marseille) will carry you in their Hardcore melodies rocked by their Oldschool culture and inspired by the biggest names in the Hardscene. Two MC’s will be there to thrill the crowd: MC Tellem and Tha Watcher. These are two of the biggest MC names in the dance scene with performance across the world. Check out the full line-up down below!

All tastes will definitely be suited. Fan of Hardstyle, Raw lover or simply adept of more Uptempo and Hardcore styles, everyone shall be pleased throughout a crescendo evolution! And as cherry on top, The Satan will transport you into the subtle world of crossbreed, a style halfway between Industrial Hardcore and Drum&Bass.

Be ready to take off for adventures Beyond The Galaxy with Hardkaze Festival on March 9th. For more information and tickets, please visit the official website of the event.

Hardkaze 2019 line-up

Mad Dog
Psyko Punkz
F.Noize vs Andy the Core
Act of Rage
Jay Reeve
The Satan
Streiks & Kratchs
Conspiracy (Allstars)
Hosted by Tha Watcher & Tellem

Photo by Facebook page Hardkaze

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