Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

One of the biggest dj’s in the world is starting to enjoy the harder styles of music lately. DJ Hardwell has been in de studio again with hardstyle talent Sephyx for a second collaboration. It was already featured in the latest Hardwell On Air, the podcast of the formal number on dj. After their first hit it apparently took off between the two, both born in Breda, The Netherlands. So they decided to make a sequal. It’s time for some more Hardwell hardstyle with their remix from ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.

In the weekly podcast Hardwell On Air, Hardwell played his latest collab with Sephix for the very first time. After the first remix of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by The Chainsmokers, the gentlemen decided to take it to another level this time. The classic ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ has been refurbished completely into something brand new. The original record by Survivor – which we all know from the Rocky movie – has got a entire new twist and has been turned into a slammer for on the dance floor. So judge for yourself and check out the preview down below.

From the two records that Hardwell and Sephyx have made together in total, are the both of them remixes from well known tracks. That the two dj’s are able to work together has been clear now, but people on the internet can’t wait for the two to join forces again and create an original track together. Who knows, maybe we can expact some more Sephyx & Hardwell hardstyle in the near future.

That been said, Hardwell is on a roll lately with making music on 150 BPM. Who remembers last June, when Hardwell’s latest solo was featured in the end show of Defqon.1 – quite surprisingly. Alongside with banging fireworks, his track ‘Make The World Ours’ was presented to the harder styles crowd by the originally house dj. Hardwell continues his journey to hardstyle with the new ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ remix. What can we expect to hear next from him?

Cover image taken from Facebook page Sephyx

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