Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

Every year, Defqon.1 attracts tens of thousands hardstyle and hardcore lovers to Biddinghuizen in the Netherlands. Q-dance has just announced they’re looking for talented DJs who want to be part of the line-up of the festival, so you have the chance to perform for all these people.

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“Defqon.1’s gates to The Road to Glory have opened”, is what the organization of the festival just announced. This means the DJ contest of the event has started, so you can send your own mix to Q-dance. In a few weeks, there will be a couple of talents who will be in the LIVE finale on Q-dance Radio, where they will decide who is going to perform at the PURPLE stage of the biggest harder styles festival in the world.

This is how you’re joining the DJ contest

  • Make a 30 minute lasting video in which you’re performing a live set, including an introduction of yourself.
  • There must be at least one track of yourself in the set and a track that represents your favorite Defqon.1 stage.
  • Post the video hidden on YouTube and send a link, together with a MP3 file of your own track(s) until the 26th of May to

You’re not only being judged on your DJ skills, because it’s also important you’re a real performer. so show your creativity in a video! The DJ contest is for every genre inside the harder styles, so it doesn’t care if you’re playing hardstyle, raw or hardcore.

A spot at the PURPLE is not everything yet, since the winner will even receive more prizes from Q-dance:

  • That DJ has also the chance to play live at Q-dance Radio on Wasted Lands, the camping of Defqon.1.
  • As real artist, you have to stay at the festival and that’s why you get two weekend tickets with a spot at the campsite.
  • And it’s not stopping there, since the winner is able to get in the studio together with KELTEK for one day, who is jointly responsible for this years anthem.

Q-dance is looking for talented DJs who will perform at Defqon.1

So are you going to play your tracks in Biddinghuizen at the biggest harder styles event in the world. For more information about this contest, go to the Facebook Page of Q-dance.

Photo by Facebook page Defqon.1

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