Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

The return of Headhunterz wasn’t the only big news that Willem had to tell us, yesterday during Defqon.1 Legends. Along with his return to the hardstyle scene, there should be new music coming up. His latest hardstyle releases dates back to 2014,¬†‘Now Is The Time’, so he has a lot of catching up to do. But luckily that is about to happen.

During the Sunday of Defqon.1 we, to our great joy, were able to interview Headhunterz about his return. One of the questions was if he is working on new hardstyle tracks. He was gladly willing to answer the question and confirmed to be working on a lot of new stuff. One of those tracks,¬†‘Destiny’, can be heard in the end show of Defqon.1 Saturday.

Headhunterz admitted to be working on a lot of hardstyle and also on a lot of collaborations. He wanted to keep for himself who he is, or has been,¬†collaborating with. But the big news came when Willem revealed to be working on a mini-album. This mini-album will contain only hardstyle. When the mini-album will be released and if it has anything to do with the mysterious date September 30 will remain a mystery for now. Let’s hope that more information will reach us soon.

The full interview with Headhunterz will appear online one of these days. So keep a very close eye on us. Oh, and that mysterious tattoo of him? You can expect more info about that as well.


  • CAMPIOTTI PIETRO 26 June 2017 - 13:12

    His latest hardstyle release was NOW IS THE TIME (2014)!!!


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