After the success of ‘Nasty Bitch’ it would be crazy not to make a sequel. The first time High Voltage and D-Sturb made a collab, D-sturb premiered it at Supremacy 2016. This track, ‘Nasty Bitch‘, ended up on the tracklist of High Voltage’s Signs Of The Apocalypse album. After that, it remained quiet. However, yesterday some good news reached us from Facebook: The gentlemen teamed up once more!


Love at first listen?

To prepare yourself for the potential sonic violence these guys are capable of, you can check out their first collaboration right here.

Before they first started working together, High Voltage was one of the first big names that showed some D-Sturb-support in his sets. This could only lead to a fruitful collaboration in the future and luckily it did!

Video via: Nightbreed

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