Hard News
By Hard News

The suspense is at an all-time high. It is too close to call with only five seconds one the clock. Will glory wait, or will you fail? The fans are screaming their hearts out. It is all or nothing; there are no more time-outs. Breaths are held. Eyes are widened….
You have to score!

Are you curious to what is going to happen on Intents Festival 2016? Than buy you tickets of the ‘sports-event of the year’, arrange your overnight stay and make sure you are ready to support your heroes!

IntentsCity camping
Last summer, we introduced the phenomenal festival camping site and the pre-party. Over 3,000 party people, a sea of tents and unforgettable, sun-drenched moments, including Digital Punk at the Unleashed container. In short: a great success! The festival campsite is slated to return this year in a new form: “IntentsCity.” We guarantee you will have an unforgettable festival camping experience with even more specials, more entertainment and more extras! More information coming soon at www.intentscity.nl!

IntentsCity: become a resident of our magical city!

Voorverkoop – Dinsdag 12 januari: Weekend+Camping & Weekendtickets
On January 12th at 20:00 the pre-sale of the weekendtickets (Saturday + Sunday) will start!


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