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The 5th of March there will be another edition of Loudness in the Klokgebouw Eindhoven. An Austrian DJ will be opening the night with some fresh beats! A reason for us to do an interview with Austrian Hardstyle DJ D-Mon!

Just like 2014, you are invited to play at Loudness. How did you respond?
I had a big fat grin on my face for hours. It came really unexpected also, which made it even more awesome. I told b2s how thrilled I am about it and thanked them for giving me the opportunity to play at such an amazing Event again.

What will be different (not only tracks) from your 2014 liveset?
I will be playing the opening set, so it’s on me to build up the vibe.  Therefore it’s going to be a completely different approach than last time. Also I’m working on bootlegs and DJ Tools especially for Loudness to spice the whole thing up. I’ve always loved when DJs do that.

This will be a perfect chance to reach a broader audience, what is your game plan?
It really is a perfect chance – I’m definitely prepared and give it all I’ve got!

Another highlight must be Ran-D playing your track at Qlimax 2014. How was that for you?
Holy shit, it was awesome! I’m a producer in heart, so it was a huge dream come true to see one of my tracks being played at Qlimax. My tracks have also been played before at the Defqon.1 Mainstage and Qapital – there’s nothing like seeing a crowd like that go wild to your music.

What are your plans for 2016?
I want to step up the game. Lately I put a lot of effort into the technical quality of my music. And now I want to put that into practice and possibly produce tracks that really stand out.

And where can we find you in two years?
If everything works out perfectly you’re going to see me drop my own tracks at Qlimax 2017! No, let’s be serious. I don’t know, a lot can happen in two years. I try to stay true to myself and walk my own path. We’ll see where it leads.

What distinguishes you from other raw acts?
I put a lot of emotions into producing, and I think you can hear that. Also I try not to be influenced too much by trends and keep my music interesting and fresh. Oh, and I fucking love making kicks! I’ve never used the same one twice.

Together with Paulistos and High Level you created Circus of Horror. How is the chemistry between you guys?
We are really good friends actually. It’s always a lot of fun working with them. Also we all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to producing, so we can really benefit from working with each other, too.

Have you ever thought about moving to The Netherlands with your Austrian colleagues?
Every DJ/Producer outside the Netherlands has at least considered that at some point…including us. Because getting attention in this scene is really hard from outside NL. I like the Netherlands a lot – the people, the cities and the parties. And 95% of the scene happens there. Part of me wants to do it. But on the other hand I love Austria too much. Tough decision!

Can you name an Austrian rising star we need to know about?
Paulistos and High Level you already heard about – you should check them out. I like what Existenze does lately, too.

What’s the last track that gave you chills, and why?
That must be „Phuture Noize – Existence Through Sound“. Wow, this guy is on a roll right now!

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