Peter de Valck
By Peter de Valck

A scene without the Australian DJ Ryan Biggs, better known as Delete, is impossible to imagine. Famous for his tough and powerful kicks, this Theracords heavyweight rapidly found his way to the top. This superstar in the making combines elements from the past, present and the future.

At Megabase Outdoor he will battle against his Theracords colleagues Degos & Re-Done. During their battle they wouldn’t be friends and they surely won’t spare each other!

Delete and Degos & Re-Done, who recently announced their new liveact DNR, are also busy working on a collab.

Thanks for your time to do this interview Ryan!

You have been living in The Netherlands for quite a while now. How do you like it?
It’s great! I’ve been here 3 years now. I already have experienced so much. The scene here is just immense. It really is heaven for the harder styles.

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On the 23rd of April you perform on stage as ‘Mr. Mayhem’ with Degos & Re-Done. What can we expect of this battle?

Expect a good blend of our styles with a lot of energy! We have recently hit the studio together so maybe we can test our collab at Megabase for the first time.

In what way does the name ‘Mr. Mayhem’ fit Ryan Biggs as a person?
Mayhem really sums up my life and my music!

Recently it became clear that you’re working on a collab with Degos & Re-Done. How was it to do a collaboration with Peter and Thijs?
They are great guys, it was a lot of fun in the studio and we shared a lot of the same visions of how the track should be, so I think this will turn out to be a slammer!

What can we expect of the track? How are your and their influences absorbed in this track?
We are going for a full party vibe in this one. Blending styles in a collab is always the most challenging but with this one I think you will hear a good mixture of both influences across the whole track.

What do you think about playing at this unique, historical location (Almere Strand)?
It’s always exciting to play at new locations, especially those that people talk a lot about. I believe Almere Strand is where Defqon.1 used to be? So that makes it very interesting!

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What do you think about the theme of Megabase and the structure of the line up?

It has a really cool theme and every artist has a unique character with it’s own identity. It’s badass!

Besides Megabase you perform at a lot of other festivals. How does it feel to have found the way to the top so rapidly?
I wouldn’t say I have got to the top yet. I have experienced some of the biggest events but I feel there is still many more goals for me to achieve. Until then I will keep grounded and keeping looking ahead and not stop! But, for what I have acheived, it feels unbelievable and I’m so happy that people beleive in me and my music and that I have the chance to keep this dream going.

What is the nicest thing a fan did to/for you so far?
I’ve had a lot of nice things said to me but some fans have gone out of their way to give me gifts, such as a customised flag or cap which is really nice. But ‘ve had some really heart-warming messages from fans that always mean a lot. I can’t really single one out.

Do you think your style changed over the years? You were famous for your rough, dark and hard sounds, but it looks like it is more accessible now.
I always want my sound to evolve and not stick with the same feeling. I like to mix things up. I think if you look at my entire discography there is a lot of variety and that’s what I aim for but my signatures will always be present.

Have you had to sacrifice many things to become a famous artist in the hardstyle scene?
Time! I don’t have much of a life outside of this. And of course moving far away from home and leaving family and friends was very tough.

What are your plans for the near future?
For this year I am putting a lot of focus on my Delete VIP act where I’m making heaps of exclusive material. At the same time a lot of experimentation in the studio. Beyond that, we will see!

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